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Rebuilding Site, New Look Coming

While getting back into trading in the immediate future is still out of the question, I have started preparing for my return. I've started to reconfigure this site (I've already eliminated all the Comic Sans I'd been using for whatever reason), which will have a slightly different look once I'm finished. At that time, I will put my collection back online. You'll notice that several episodes will have disappeared from my collection, as I'm deleting everything I know or suspect was ripped from YouTube or some other online video source. I still have no idea when I'll be back, hopefully sometime later this year, but I really can't say. Pretty much my entire collection is still packed in boxes and is inaccessable at this time.

Thank you again for everyone who helped build my library over the 13 years I was an active trader. Click here to see thier names, with links to their libraries, if they have one online.

As of... whenever

???? episodes


All shows that begin with the word "the" will be catalouged by the second word. Therefore, The Joker's Wild will be found under "J" & The Price is Right will be found under "P." Also, any show beginning with a dollar amount will be found under the first word after that. Therefore, all versions of Pyramid will be found under the letter "P."

Also, there's a tag at the end of each episode description for your edification; you don't need to send it along with your want list. There are a few different parts that I'll decode it for you now.

PART ONE: (Source):
Below are a list of all of the abreviations of the various sources. It kind of looks like the Wall Street from Hell.
OB: Original broadcast
OB?: Possibly an original broadcast
RPT: Repeat broadacst from original network
SM: Studio master copy
GSN: Taped from Game Show Network pre March 15, 2004
BSN: Taped from GSN post March 15, 2004 (with the very intrusive credit crunch; that's why I differenciate)
GAS: Taped from Nickelodeon Games & Sports
USA: Taped from USA (DUH!)
NCK: Taped from Nickelodeon or Nick at Nite
ESN: Taped from ESPN
EN2: Taped from ESPN2
ENC: Taped from ESPN Classic
ENN: Taped from ESPNews
MTV: Taped from MTV
FAM: Taped from The Family Channel
TNT: Taped from TNT
G4: Taped from G4
WB: Taped from WB
TBS: Taped from TBS Superstation
TVL: Taped from TV Land
GDL: Taped from GoodLife TV Network
CBN: Taped from Christian Broadcasting Network
ION: Taped from Ion Television Network
NKT: Taped from Nicktoons Network
OD: Taped from On Demand
N: Taped from the N
BET: Taped from Black Entertainment Television
NGN: Taped from Noggin
GTV: Taped from GameTV (Canadian channel)
JET: Taped from Japan Entertainment Television (Taiwanese channel)

PART TWO: (Commercials):
Either "Yes," "No," or "Some." For shows taped from Nickelodeon Games and Sports, this part will refer to network inserts that they ran in lieu of commercials.

PART THREE: (Video Quality):
All shows are assessed on a basic letter grade system, ranging from A (prestine) to F (forget it) and it looks something... like this:
VQ=? A low grade could be anything from TV snow, ghosts or shadows, jumpy or glitchy picture, bluriness, or just plain suckiness. Also, it's an estimation. No qualtiy grading system is perfect and all grades are subject to change at any time, but nothing will change from B+ to D+ or vice versa unless I get a better quality version of a given show.

Here are some examples:

[OB?, Yes, VQ=B+] That means that it might be an original broadcast, has commercials, and the video is of B+ quality.

[GSN, No, VQ=A] This means that it's from Game Show Network, doesn't have commercials, and is of the best video quality I have. Simple, simple stuff.

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