I Can't Believe You Said That! - 1998 - Host: John Salley (1 Episode)
I'm Telling! for the entire family with all the fun sucked out of it.

-Lewis/Serota [OB, Yes, VQ=A]

Idiot Savants - 1996-1997 - Host: Greg Fitzsimmons (1 Episode)
MTV show produced in the 1990s. Enough said.

-December 5, Friday Finals; Mat/Brian/Amanda/Catherine [OB, No, VQ=B+]

I'm Telling! - 1987-1988 - Host: Laurie Faso (26 Episodes; COMPLETE SERIES)
I was addicted to this show when I was 9. Boy, do I miss the Family Channel! A lot of these contestants tended to pop up on other game shows.

-Episode #1; Michelle/Michael vs. Carrie/Matt vs. Alyssa/Russell; Alyssa was on Finders Keepers a year later [FAM, Yes, VQ=A]
-Episode #2; Kim/Matt vs. Ami/Jeff vs. Nicole/Todd; Kim & Matt were later on Treasure Mall [FAM, Yes, VQ=A]
-Episode #3; Janna/Jacob vs. Truely/Kevin vs. Tara/Derek; Main game ends in a tie, Truely & Kevin were on the premiere of Treasure Mall, Tara & Derek were later on Fun House [FAM, Yes, VQ=A]
-Episode #4; Brenda/Nick vs. Buffy/Patrick vs. Amie/Paul [FAM, Yes, VQ=A]
-Episode #5; Erin/Chad vs. Abbie/Brian vs. Elisabeth/Michael [FAM, Yes, VQ=A]
-Episode #6; Natalie/Scott vs. Marla/Randy vs. Elizabeth/David [FAM, Yes, VQ=A]
-Episode #7; Rachel/Ronald vs. Julie/Geoff vs. Marissa/Vonni; Everybody's twins! Vonni is actually Giovanni Ribisi [FAM, Yes, VQ=A]
-Episode #8; Lindsay/Bryan vs. Heather/Ricky vs. Kerri/Larry; I remember Lindsay from Toys R' Us commercials and a few episodes of The Wonder Years [FAM, Yes, VQ=A]
-Episode #9; Jenny/Josh vs. Dolly/T.J. vs. Michelle/Phillip [FAM, Yes, VQ=A]
-Episode #10; Daphnie/Elliot vs. Allizah/Josh vs. Molly/Casey; Some violent brothers on this show [FAM, Yes, VQ=A]
-Episode #11; Nicole/Sean vs. Molly/Jeremy vs. Melissa/Cliffy; Christmas episode with an appearance by the man himself. Hint: It ain't Charlie Parker. Cliffy was previously on Young People's Week on Eubanks' Card Sharks. [FAM, Yes, VQ=A]

-Episode #12; Dalia/Jeremy vs. Caroline/Miles vs. Arielle/Josh; Arielle & Josh were later on Treasure Mall [FAM, Yes, VQ=A]
-Episode #13; Danielle/Jeff vs. Rose/Isaac vs. Carrie/Scott [FAM, Yes, VQ=A]
-Episode #14; Amy/Brian vs. Marla/Dylan vs. Dyna/Nicholas [FAM, Yes, VQ=A]
-Episode #15; Candice/Jason vs. Amy/Brian vs. Deanne/David; First ever perfect score! [FAM, Yes, VQ=A]
-Episode #16; Brandi/Branden vs. Ashlie/Paul vs. Jamie/David; Final show with original intro. Watch Brandi and Branden begin to assault each other as they and the other losers are spun offstage [FAM, Yes, VQ=A]
-Episode #17; Celebrity; with Shannen Doherty, MacKenzie Astin, & Heidi Zeigler [FAM, Yes, VQ=A]
-Episode #18; Betsy/Hunter vs. Kristy/Mike vs. Jennifer/Jordan; Dean Goss forgets they switched the opening spiel and starts the old one [FAM, Yes, VQ=A]
-Episode #19; Gretchen/Jeff vs. Shannon/Chris vs. Lyndsey/Cameron; Shannon and Chris were later on Fun House [FAM, Yes, VQ=A]
-Episode #20; Andria/Richard vs. Julie/Rick vs. Alan/Michelle [FAM, Yes, VQ=A]
-Episode #21; Jennifer/J.W. vs. Alana/Colin vs. Esther/Elliot [FAM, Yes, VQ=A]
-Episode #22; Celebrity episode; Chad Allen, Benji Gregory, & Ami Foster [FAM, Yes, VQ=A]
-Episode #23; Brother's Day #1; Jaosn/Brian vs. Brian/David vs. Adam/Matt; Another perfect score! [FAM, Yes, VQ=A]
-Episode #24; Brother's day #2; Todd/Scott vs. Jeremy/Erron vs. Greg/Jeff; The final perfect score! [FAM, Yes, VQ=A]
-Episode #25; Sister's Day #1; Sarah/Danielle vs. Marla/Robin vs. Shauna/Misty; Game ends in a tie [FAM, Yes, VQ=A]
-Episode #26; Sister's Day #2 & series fiale; Amy/Ivy vs. Rebecca/Doris vs. Devin/Holly; Amy was on the premiere of Fun House [FAM, Yes, VQ=A]

It Takes Two - 1997 - Host: Dick Clark (3 Episodes)
REALLY hokey program, but an intriguing -- albiet flawed -- game.

-Robert/Charles vs. Terry/Misty vs. Jason/Shari; John Moschitta, Rod Roddy, and Janice Pennington guest star! [OB, Some, VQ=B]
-Mary Ellen/Biz vs. Bea/Adam vs. Eric/Paul [OB, Yes, VQ=B+]
-Janice/Laverne vs. Andrea/John vs. Steven/Craig; Andrea & John were on Supermarket Sweep a few years prior. [OB, Some, VQ=B+]

I've Got a Secret - 1952-1967 - Host: Gary Moore (1 Episode)
I'm not really big on panel shows, but this one is all right.

-Betsy Palmer/Morey Amsterdam/Rosemary Clooney/Henry Morgan, Guest is Dick Van Dyke; A contestant (who is about 4 years old) gives his secret away and plays the drums at the end of the show! [GSN, No, VQ=A]

I've Got a Secret - 1972-1973 - Host: Steve Allen (16 Episodes)
I stated earlier that I'm not much for panel shows, but I really enjoy this run of I've Got a Secret.

-Pat Carol/Henry Morgan/Anita Gilette/Richard Dawson; Guest: John Davidson [GSN, No, VQ=A-]
-Pat Carol/Henry Morgan/June Lockhart/Richard Dawson; Guest: Jack Klugman [GSN, No, VQ=A-]
-Pat Carol/Gene Rayburn/??/Richard Dawson; Guest: Charles Nelson Reilly [GSN, No, VQ=A-]
-Pat Carol/Alan Alda/??/Richard Dawson; Guest: Milton Berle [GSN, No, VQ=A-]
-Henry Morgan/Merideth McRae/Richar Dawson/Pat Carol; Guest: Paul Lynde [GSN, No, VQ=A-]
-Henry Morgan/Merideth McRae/Richar Dawson/Pat Carol; Guest: Joan Rivers [GSN, No, VQ=A-]
-Jayne Meadows/Bill Bixby/Brenda Benet/Jack Cassidy; Guest: Monty Hall [GSN, No, VQ=A-]
-Pat Carol/Henry Morgan/Anita Gilette/Richard Dawson; Guest: Cass Elliot [GSN, No, VQ=A-]
-Guest: Rod Serling; Rod's secret is a game of electonic Ping Pong!! [GSN, No, VQ=A]
-Jayne Meadows/Bill Bixby/Brenda Benet/Jack Cassidy; Guest: Alan Alda [GSN, No, VQ=B+]
-Pat Carroll/Henry Morgan/Aita Gillette/Richard Dawson; Guest: Michael Landon [GSN, No, VQ=A-]
-Pat Carroll/Bert Convy/Anita Gillette/Richard Dawson; Guest: George Burns [GSN, No, VQ=A]
-Jayne Meadows/Henry Morgan/Anita Gillette/Richard Dawson; Guest: Don Knotts [GSN, No, VQ=A]
-Pat Carroll/Arte Johnson/Anita Gillette/Richard Dawson; Guest: Bob Barker [GSN, No, VQ=A-]
-Pat Carroll/Henry Morgan/Anita Gillette/Richard Dawson; Guest: Allen Ludden [GSN, No, VQ=A]
-Anita Gillette/Bert Convy/Jayne Meadows/Richard Dawson; Guest: Cliff Robertson [GSN, No, VQ=A]

Jackpot! - 1985-1988 - Host: Mike Darrow (3 Episodes)
My brother's reaction to this show was "Get more episodes now." I disagreed at first, but the show has grown on me.

-Wayne is King of the Hill [OB, Yes, VQ=B+]
-Jim is King of the Hill [GSN, No, VQ=C]
-Marcia is Queen of the Hill [USA, Yes, VQ=A]

Jeopardy! - 1964-1975 - Host: Art Fleming (1 Episode)
The version that started it all. It's a treat to see the show's roots, as it were.

-January 3, Finale; Debbie/Robin/John [SM, No, VQ=B-]

Jeopardy! - 1978-1979 - Host: Art Fleming (1 Episode)
This version is a bit lacking due to the elimination of the lowest scoring player after the first round.

-March 2, Finale; Doug/Susan/Charlie [GSN, No, VQ=A]

Jepoardy! - 1984-present - Host: Alex Trebeck (155 Episodes)
It's gotten way too political recently for my tastes. And by "political," I mean "overtly left wing."

Click Here

The Joker's Wild - 1972-1984 - Host: Jack Barry (1 Episode)
I never really got into this show that much.

-$1,000,000 Tournament of Champions day 12 [GSN, Yes, VQ=A-]

The Joker's Wild - 1984-1986 - Host: Bill Cullen (3 Episodes)
Uncle Bill's last show.

-Ricque/Dave [USA, Yes, VQ=A]
-Jim Peck guest hosts; Brett/Ben [GSN, Yes, VQ=A]
-Jim Peck guest hosts; Paloma/Ben [GSN, Yes, VQ=A]

The Joker's Wild - 1990 - Host: Pat Finn (21 Episodes)
I know I'm going against the grain, but I actually I like the dollar format better.

Superior Dollar Format:
-Michael/Judi/Michael [OB, Yes, VQ=B+]
-Larry/Liz/Michael [OB, No, VQ=A-]
-Rodger/Jody/Michael [OB, No, VQ=A]
-Greg/Carolyn/Michael [OB, No, VQ=A]
-Al/Cathleen/Michael [OB, No, VQ=A]
-Roger/Kathy/Michael [OB, Yes, VQ=A-]
-Raymond/Susan/John [USA, No, VQ=A-]
-Donna/Christine/Raymond; Donna McNeely's first episode [USA, Yes, VQ=A-]
-Pat/Greg/Donna [USA, Yes, VQ=B]
-Jamie/Peter/Donna [USA, Yes, VQ=B]
-Toby/Jon/Donna [USA, Yes, VQ=B]
-Thomas/Carlene/Jonathan; Thomas Van Dyke's 1st appearance, no credits [USA, No, VQ=A-]
-Barney/Najee/Thomas; Thomas Van Dyke's 13th appearance and breaks the all time money record [USA, No, VQ=B+]
-Allison/Jobie/Debra [USA, No, VQ=A-]
-Carl/Jann/Steve [OB, Yes, VQ=A-]

Categories Format:
Ted/Joan/Jeff; Audience participation game [USA, No, VQ=A-]
-William/Tim/Mary; $36,000 Joker Jackpot win!! [USA, No, VQ=B+]
-Jock/John/Tom; Another audience participation game [USA, No, VQ=A-]
-John/Elizabeth/Mike [USA, No, VQ=A-]
-J.C./Julie/Peter [OB, Yes, VQ=A]
-Greg/Peter/Jon [OB, Yes, VQ=A-]

Junior Partner Pyramid - 1979 - Host: Dick Clark (1 Episode)
Pretty much the same fare as the other version, except there are kids and aren't any celebrities.

-Taped 9-19-1979; Kevin/Terry vs. Bernie/Jean, has slate [SM, No, VQ=A]

The Krypton Factor - 1981 - Host: Dick Clark (1 Episode)
Really strange show; Dick Clark deserved better. At least they played Atari 2600.

-Ronna/Garry/Andrew/Kivi [OB, No, VQ=A]

The Last Word - 1989 - Host: Wink Martindale (4 Episodes)
Pretty good word game. Again, though, another Canadian show with almost nothing at stake. Abysmally cheap prizes galore.

-September 18, Premiere; Ted Lange/Jill Whelan [OB, Yes, VQ=B+]
-Meredith MacRae/Peter Marshall [OB, No, VQ=B-]
-June Lockhart/Dick Van Patten [OB, No, VQ=C]
-December 15, Finale; Edie McClurg/Pat Harrington [OB, Yes, VQ=B+]

Legends of the Hidden Temple - 1993-1995 - Host: Kirk Fogg (59 Episodes)
Easily Nick's best game show aside from Double Dare, although Kirk Fogg really doesn't do anything. Going against the grain once again, I actually prefer the first season to the other two.

DISCLAIMER: Half of these are not spelled right.

-September 11, Premiere; Sir Lawrence of Arabia's headdress [OB, Yes, VQ=A]
-September 12, Episode #2; Golden Jaguar of Atahualpa [OB, Yes, VQ=A]
-September 25, Episode #3; Code Book of Mata Hari [OB, Yes, VQ=A]
-September 26, Episode #4; Trojan Horseshoe (No Open) [OB, Yes, VQ=A] or [GAS, No, VQ=A] with full opening
-October 2, Episode #5; Treasure Map of Jean LaFitte [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-October 3, Episode #6; Lucky Pig of Amelia Earhart [OB, Yes, VQ=A]
-October 9, Episode #7; Mask of Shaka Zulu; The infamous "faulty door" Temple Run in which one of the doors unlocks accidentally [OB, Yes, VQ=A]
-October 10, Episode #8; Treasure of Ann Bonny [OB, Yes, VQ=A]
-October 16, Episode #9; Moccasins of Geronimo [OB, Yes, VQ=A]
-October 17, Episode #10; Golden Chains of Zenobia [OB, Yes, VQ=A]
-October 23, Episode #11; Pendant of Kamehameha; bad final comercial edit [OB, Some, VQ=A]
-October 24, Episode #12; King Tut's Cobra Staff [OB, Yes, VQ=A]
-October 30, Episode #13; Stone Marker of Lief Erickson [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-October 31, Episode #14; Map of the Lost Gold Mine [OB, Yes, VQ=A]
-November 6, Episode #15; Paintbrush of Leonardo da Vinci [OB, Yes, VQ=A]
-November 7, Episode #16; Metal of Sir Edmund Hillary [OB, Yes, VQ=A]
-November 13, Episode #17; Pecos Bill's Lost Lariat [OB, Yes, VQ=A]
-November 21, Episode #20; Galileo's Cannon Ball [OB, Yes, VQ=A]
-January 15, 1994, Episode #35; Lost Log Books of Magellan [OB, Some, VQ=A]
-Keys to the Alhambra [OB, Yes, VQ=A]
-Alexander and the Gordian Knot (no opening) [RPT, Yes, VQ=A]
-Oracle Bowl of Delphi [RPT, Yes, VQ=A]
-Collar of Davey Crockett [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Oracle Bowl of Delphi [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-John Henry's Lost Hammer [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Belly Button of Buddah [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Henry VIII's Great Seal [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Stolen Arm of Shiva [GAS, No, VQ=A-]
-Robin Hood & Marian's Ladder [GAS, No, VQ=A-]

-Electrified Key of Benjamin Franklin [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Snake Skin Boots of Billy the Kid [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Electrified Key of Benjamin Franklin [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Applewood Amulet of Emimiano Zepata [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Silk Sash of Mulan [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Two-Cornered Hat of Napoleon [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Very Tall Turbain of Ahmed Baba [GAS, No, VQ=A-]
-Enormous Nose Ring of Babe [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Shriveled Hand of Efua [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Silve Horse Shoe of Butch Cassidy [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Golden Earring of Henry Morgan [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Mushpot Hat of Johnny Appleseed [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Lucky Pillow of Annie Taylor [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Sacred Ring of Sultan Suleman [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Jeweled Necklace of Montezuma [GAS, No, VQ=A]

-Mysterous Manuscript of Mary Shelly [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Ruby Earring of Benzavov [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Upside-Down Compass of Henry Hudson [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Jeweled Scavard of Sworfsa [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Missing Portrait of Hans Holbein [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-War Band of the 47th Ronin [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Bifocled Monocle of One-Eyed Jack [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Comet Embroydered Battle Flag of William the Conquereror [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Good Luck Watch of Empress Eugenie [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Useless Map of the Chiptah Chieftan [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Dried Ear of Corn of Sojerner Truth [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Pearl Necklace of Guallier [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Lost Horn Pipe of the Pirate Captain [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Mummified Hand of the Egyptian King [GAS, No, VQ=A]
-Metal Beard of the Egyptian Queen [GAS, No, VQ=A]

Let's Go Back - 1991-1993 - Host: Scott Sternberg (7 Episodes)
Laughably cheap, but kind of enjoyable, show with questions about the 50s, 60s, 70s, & 80s.

-Cindy/Geoff/Marc [GDL, No, VQ=A]
-Daniel/Mark/Jon [GDL, No, VQ=A]
-Scott/Esther/Thomas [GDL, No, VQ=A-]
-Steve/Dan/Margaret [GDL, No, VQ=A-]

-Anna/Greg/Russell; Behind the scenes footage during end credits [GDL, No, VQ=A]
-Bruce/Missouri/Scott [GDL, No, VQ=A]
-Emily/Loren/Grant [GDL, No, VQ=A-]

Let's Make a Deal - 1963-1977 - Host: Monty Hall (2 Episodes)
Never really cared much for this show.

-Hour long pilot, originally broadcast by Game Show Network in 2003 [OB, Yes, VQ=A]
-Episode from Las Vegas [CBN, No, VQ=A-]

The All New Let's Make a Deal - 1984-1986 - Host: Monty Hall (1 Episode)
What more can I say that I didn't say above? It's got better music. Yay?

-One episode [FAM, No, VQ=B+]

Let's Make a Deal - 1990-1991 - Host: Bob Hilton (1 Episode)
Since the one episode I have of this has Monty Hall guest hosting, I can't comment on Bob Hilton. Can't you tell I've run out of things to say?

-Monty Hall guest hosts [OB, Yes, VQ=A]

Let's Make a Deal - 2003 - Host: Billy Bush (3 Episodes -- COMPLETE SERIES)
Take one of my least favorite shows, 2000s-ify it and what do you get? A three-episode crapfest I acquired in a tape giveaway that I fast-forwarded through.

-Entire three-episode series (Do me a favor, though, and refrain from requesting this.) [OB, No, VQ=A]

Lingo - 2002-2004 - Host: Chuck Woolery (1 Episode)
It was okay until they added that bimbo.

-Game show hosts day: Mark L. Walberg/Marc Summers vs. Kennedy/Graham Elwood; Both teams set records (one is impressive, one is a record of futility) [RPT, No, VQ=A-]

Lucky Numbers - 1985 (unsold pilot) - Host: Alex Trebeck (2 Episodes)
High Rollers variant that didn't click. The theme music would be used on the 1987 version of High Rollers.

-Pilot #1 [SM, No, VQ=A]
-Pilot #2 [SM, No, VQ=B-]